General Information

The Carolina Trace Hotline telephone number is 919-499-2722.  This line provides updates of road conditions, utility issues (such as water outages) and emergency situations (such as floods, etc.).

The LTPOA encourages property owners and renters to refer to the Disaster Preparedness Plan for instructions on actions that should be taken in the event of an emergency or disaster. Please take time to read through this document and make preparations as outlined. 

In addition to the Main Gate there are two additional ways to exit Carolina Trace. These are the North Gate (gate opens for all outbound vehicles) and the South Gate (unlocked during emergencies only). Refer to Directions to Emergency Exits and Emergency Exits Map.

Residents are encouraged to print the highlighted documents and keep them in a safe place for reference during an emergency or disaster.

The following can be helpful in the event of an emergency or disaster.

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The File of Life program helps first responders by providing information and medical history at times when you may not be able to communicate effectively with them. Should you be injured or suffer a health incident where you are unable to provide important information to emergency personnel, they will look for your File of Life Medical Information Card on your refrigerator door. Instructions for completing the form can be accessed HERE. You should also print the File of Life Sign and place on or near your front door. 

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