February 11, 2021


Hi everyone! Let me get right to it!

ipXKSfE36sJcGDkY.png Can you help on a committee or project?
ipXKSfE36sJcGDkY.png Not sure if you have the time?
ipXKSfE36sJcGDkY.png Want more information?

Please write to me at [email protected], and I will be glad to discuss what we need, what you might be interested in, etc. Reaching out to me and/or offering to help does not commit you to any pre-determined amount of time. Just let us know we can reach out to you to see if/when you are available!

Update on Projects:

  • Updating Bylaws and C & Rs has moved to a lower priority due to the work involved and the need to get a lawyer involved. This will be addressed some months from now.
  • Preparing position descriptions for officers and committee chairs and list processes for operations. We need additional volunteers, or this will also get pushed out until current Board members have time to address it.
  • Compliance Committee continues to meet and discuss the establishment of a compliance priority list.
  • The assessment of ditches, culverts and drainage is still in the discussion phase, but we hope to prioritize this over the next month or two and get to work.
  • Landscape Committee is in a bit of a hiatus due to the season.
  • Start a Newsletter – no action has been taken on this – it might be fun if you are interested in helping!
  • We have received several new website registrants and Mary Ruemker, our POA Secretary and Website Administrator continues to work towards reaching out to all unregistered property owners to increase participation.
New to my list of goals. We need to begin to establish a Nominating Committee for the POA Board of Directors for 2022. Elections for vacant seats are only 8 months from now.

If you are new to the neighborhood or are just not sure what the POA Board is all about, please join us for one of our Board meetings. They take place at 7 PM on the second Thursday of each month. We welcome additional participation from property owners! We are working for YOU!

Elaine Clark

Laurel Thicket Property Owners Association