June 9, 2022


Hi neighbors, here is a quick update on recent Board activities and priorities.

Mary Ruemker has her hands full after accepting the responsibility of landscape chairperson. Due to some necessary projects, and the time of the year, we have had quite a few tasks for her this past month. This year, we are eliminating the spring stick pick-up.  We are also working with groups of our neighbors to eliminate the accumulation of debris piles throughout the community as well. The fall stick pick-up (first week in November, 2022) and January leaf pick-up (week of January 16, 2023) are both scheduled. These dates will be provided to residents well in advance and will be posted on the LTPOA website to allow for our members to plan their yard work accordingly. We have some work to do as a community to address landscape issues on our 12 acres of common property through the Thicket neighborhoods and would remind everyone that all projects taken on by the LTPOA must be foremost in the best interest of the neighborhood. It sometimes means that projects individual members see as a priority may not be in line with priorities assigned by the Board.  

The Crush and Run project for LT1 and LT2 will begin in the month of June. Additionally, we have started work on the cart path that leads from the recreation parking area to the 15th hole on Creek Course to repair and mitigate the erosion problem there. We have recently had a few residents inquiring about changes they would like to make at their expense to ditches bordering their property. We would remind all property owners that repairs to property owned by the POA can only be commenced after the POA Board of Directors has received a full understanding of the work and has provided written authorization. This is to protect the assets of the POA and to ensure the work being done is of benefit to the property owned by all.

The pool is quite busy this year! I have seen more swimmers than in any year since I moved here in 2003! I would remind everyone that we have young children and older residents who may enjoy the pool in different ways. With so many attendees, we need to be sure to respect each other and recognize that space is at a minimum. We have sent out information regarding the use of sunscreen at the pool. It is a problem at all swimming pools. This year with the additional swimmers, the problem is more pronounced.  We all need to work on helping to keep the pool clean, healthy, and balanced. If you have any questions, please contact me.

New homes are coming to LT and many homeowners are sprucing up their places with new siding, roofs, paint, and landscaping. We are excited to see this work and appreciate how cooperative recent property owners and builders have been in working with the Architectural Committee throughout the approval process.

We are working on some fun events to come. Stay tuned, and please join us. It is a great way to meet your neighbors. As always, if you have time available to volunteer, we are always looking for more help! Please contact me if you can support our efforts of our Board.

You can reach me at:
[email protected]  for official business
[email protected]        for party info
[email protected]                     my personal email address
757-636-3834 (personal cell phone for calls or texts)


Elaine Clark

Laurel Thicket Property Owners Association