September 9, 2021


This month has been very much focused on CTA work that requires input from the
LTPOA Board of Directors. CTA submitted a draft budget to Len Ruemker, our CTA
Representative, which requires a vote by each of the 18 POA Boards in Carolina
Trace. After some modification, the LTPOA Board voted to approve the latest
version of the draft budget. After that decision by the LTPOA BOD, many of you
may know, that emails have been circulating and posts on Next Door have been
made concerning various topics regarding maintenance of Lake Trace.
For certain, no one with a vested interest in property values in Carolina Trace
would vote against taking care of the lake, at least not if they are fully informed.
But “fully informed” is the key here. Recent posts on social media and emails
being circulated have been passionately written by advocates for the lake. I
respect their commitment and have no question about their interest in doing what
is best for the community. In my role as President of LTPOA, I do take our fiscal
responsibility to our residents seriously. Prior to committing to any payment in the
form of increased assessments payable by LTPOA to CTA, I would want to
understand all the considerations that developed the request for a $10.00 per lot

This is not a lot of money to pay for a healthy lake which is one of the
cornerstones of this development. However, we have not yet been provided with
adequate information to explain the determining factors in arriving at this $10.00
figure. Is it the right amount, too little, too much?

The LTPOA BOD will continue to request additional information from those who are
advocating for the assessment increase and will work with CTA and other POAs to
establish a path forward to insure proper maintenance of the lake along with
transparency as to what will be done and what the associated costs are. We ask
that property owners be sure to gather necessary information before passing
judgment on any side of this issue. We do all have a common goal of maintaining
the lake, and just need to work through the best way to do that.

Elaine Clark

Laurel Thicket Property Owners Association