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Sign Up! Pool Sign Ups 8/1 - 8/7


To comply with NCDHHS guidance as well as CDC guidelines, several policies for use of the pool have been put into place in order to protect the health of its members. Most notably, attendance will be limited to 10 persons at one time. No guests outside of the Laurel Thicket community will be permitted in the pool.

To enforce this requirement while being fair to everyone, residents must schedule their pool time in advance using our online scheduling application, Sign Up Genius. Time slots are in increments of 2 hours. Scheduling will take place on a weekly basis. New schedules will be available on Wednesdays for the upcoming Saturday to Friday calendar dates. All swimmers must have a signed liability waiver on file.

An FAQs document is attached that should be read in its entirety by Laurel Thicket residents. The following are highlights.

  • Waivers. Scans or pictures of waivers must be emailed to [email protected] prior to, or at the time of the first sign-up. 
  • No Guests. This means only members of your household. Individuals not living full-time in your home (with the exception of shared custody) are not permitted to use the pool as your guest.
  • Individuals may only sign up members of their household. Other POA residents must sign up independently.
  • One advance sign-up per day permitted, a maximum of two advance sign-ups per week. wo sign-ups in a week. Additional sign-ups can be made, but ONLY when made 24 hours prior to open slots. The Sign Up Genius application must be used to schedule pool time slots in advance. If an individual signs up for time slots exceeding the maximums, the last time slot will be cancelled.
  • At the Pool. There will be one unisex bathroom equipped with a no-touch trashcan. No chairs, tables, umbrellas or outside trash receptacles will be provided. Any items brought to the pool must be removed at the end of the day as cleaning staff will discard any items left behind. There will be no Lost & Found.
  • The names of all individuals in your party, including children, will be required when signing up.